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Some battles appear so realistic we forget that what we’re watching is just a movie; others could have been so much more. Here I provide my personal take on what I consider to be the very best – and worst – movie battle scenes.

Some of the best battle scenes come from one of my all-time favorite movies: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. The battle between the humans, elves, Ents, and men of Middle-Earth against the forces of Mordor is simply stunning – with multiple armies on either side, spectacular visuals, and monsters of unfathomable scale. The score was absolutely perfect too, adding to the gritty tension of the scene and making it even more extraordinary.

From his inspirational cry of “Freedom!

The best battle scene of all time, for me, has to be from Braveheart. When William Wallace brings the Scots together to stand up to the massive English army, the emotion and ferocity of the battle was simply heart-stopping. From his inspirational cry of “Freedom!” to the incredible courage of the Scottish soldiers who fought with no chance of victory, it was a riveting and unforgettable masterpiece of action. The memorable music and thundering Scottish drums set it apart and made the entire scene even more epic.

Now let’s look at some of the worst battle scenes. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope has an iconic and classic final battle scene. Unfortunately, its execution was terrible. The muddled sound, poor editing, and awful music made it hard to tell what was actually happening. The battle felt overly chaotic and unorganized, with no real sense of how the Obi-Wan and Darth Vader’s final fight was going.

Another contester in the worst battle scenes category is The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. The battle between the Peacekeepers and the Rebels had an interesting premise with a small group of guerilla fighters taking up arms against a much larger and better-equipped enemy. However, that potential was squandered by poor pacing, uneven editing, and bad dialogue. The shaky camera angles and weak CGI made it hard to be engaged in the fight.

Finally, one of the worst battle scenes that I've seen is from the 2014 remake of Godzilla. The epic showdown between Godzilla and the MUTOs felt drawn out and boring. The CGI was shoddy and unconvincing, making it hard to take the fight seriously. The cheese-laden dialogue and sluggish pacing didn’t help either.

When it comes to battle scenes, it's clear that the very best – and worst – can be found on the silver screen. From the stunning visuals of The Lord of the Rings to the terrible CGI of Godzilla, there are many movie battles to experience. All that’s left to do is sit back, enjoy and draw your own conclusions about the best – and worst – movie battle scenes.

Going to the motion pictures is usually a fun strategy to go the time and take pleasure in some leisure with pals and household. But, have you ever ever thought in regards to the scenes that do not make it into the ultimate cut? If you're a horror fan, the considered deleted scenes from a few of your favorite motion pictures can carry about a nightmare of nostalgia. It would sound strange however there are lots of horror movie deleted scenes that you'll have by no means seen before.

When a movie is ready for launch, the director must make a tough decision of which scenes are left out attributable to time, funds or content pointers. A minimize of a movie can often be drastically completely different from the finished product, so deleted scenes is usually a uncommon glimpse into a different model of the movie.

For (source) instance, within the horror movie ‘Rec 3,’ a deleted scene shows the main characters in a sealed-off room struggling to survive. The scene was finally lower because the director thought it made the movie too darkish, but fans have since found this scene and added it into their own DVD version of the movie.

Deleted scenes may present scenes that might have impacted the story in a different way had they been included within the movie. ‘The Descent’ was a traditional horror movie that was identified for its terrifying creature known because the Crawler. In keeping with an interview with the filmmakers, there was a deleted scene that confirmed the Crawler attacking the survivors and showed the depths of its darkness.

Because deleted scenes can typically be laborious to find, a fantastic resource for horror followers to discover them can be YouTube. You possibly can typically find deleted scenes from films uploaded to YouTube. Just remember to watch out for fan recreated scenes that can often be discovered, as well.

Along with deleted scenes, you can also find prolonged footage from horror movies on YouTube. This consists of both the director’s reduce, in addition to fan recreated footage. An incredible instance of this could be the well-known horror movie 'The Shining.' A well-liked fan-made recreation of the movie contains practically 30 minutes of restored and extended footage which has earned the nickname ‘The Forbidden Bluray.’

Whether you’re a horror movie fan or simply curious concerning the deleted scenes from a few of your favourite movies, YouTube is a good place to discover some of the hidden gems that the filmmakers have left out. It may be an satisfying expertise to observe the deleted scenes and study extra about what the film was originally meant to be. So if you ever end up trying to find some horror movie inspiration, don’t neglect to look for the deleted scenes - You by no means know what you’ll find!

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